Decorator, graphic designer, decoupage artist. Leslie has combined her talents to bring you this collection of timeless art jewelry. A long time collector of Asian art and antiques, Leslie’s love of the delicate, graceful, images of the orient can be felt in many of her classic jewelry designs.


 A self proclaimed "lover of all things beautiful", Leslie has spent her adult life immersed in the design world.  She headed her own graphic design business for 13 years, worked as an interior decorator and as the editor/designer of a quarterly publication for an International Art Guild.  She has been a passionate decoupage artist since first coming across a decoupage lamp shade in an antique shop in 2002.

Why Jewelry?

"I have often been asked this question. The answer is simple. Because it's personal and revealing. The piece you choose to wear offers insight into your mood, your style, how you wish to be perceived, and I just love sharing the experience. "

"The pieces I create are designed to express many moods. Bold, colorful pieces that exude confidence and say "look at me".  Soft subtle pieces that invite intimate observation and say "come closer".  Pieces that reflect a time & decorative style that speak to your artistic preferences."

"As you go through my shop, I invite you to consider these things and make a selection that says something special about YOU."